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Jason Splat / Monkey Business


progressive house


DJ Jason Splat - Bio 4/2001 Slamming funky House grooves and Huge floor filling Basslines.. A sound influenced by top DJ's that truly bring you to the party: DJ Dan, Donalde Glaude, Bad Boy Bill. The kind of sounds that make you throw your hands up in the air and scream! DJ Jason Splat brings the noise with a main floor mix of hard funky progressive house and monster bassline speed garage that reminds us all why we are here- to have the time of our lives! Jason Splat's diverse dj sets have enabled him to perform for a wide range of crowds.. from small funky disco club nights of 150 people to huge national bangin massives with attendance way over 5,000! Jason has shared the stage and rocked with his aforementioned favorite DJs, as well as heavyhitters DJ Craze, Keoki, Cirrus, Richard Humpty Vission, Dave Aude, and Frankie Bones to name a few. Jason always shows the crowd love, from playing the heavy bassline tunes to always passing out free promo gear (records, t-shirts & mixes) after his sets. Many events find Jason Splat staying long after he's done playing, to groove on the foor with the kids to some more great DJs. Jason Splat started as a raver in the infamous LA warehouse scene of 1991, so he knows what its like to be on the other side of the decks! Jason currently spins a progressive mix of funky and hard house, mixed with the sound he is known for and has pioneered on the west coast- Speed Garage! In The year 2000, Jason Splat enters the recording studio after 8+ years of rocking shows. In Fall 2000, He launched the record label Phunked Up Records (web site: www.phunkeduprecords.com), with the help of his long time friends Dj Eli Star and DJ partner-in-crime, Danny Cosmo. The label is now on their 2nd release, a funky progressive remix of James brown's "Get Up Off Of That Thang". In Spring 2001, look out for remixes of their bangin' Tech-house cut, "Monkedelic Phunk", with some big name DJ's behind the project. Jason Splat remixes are also released on domestic label Goldenlane records. Jason has made lots of positive contributions to the underground dance community.. Aside from his Djing, many packed party nights have been sparked by Jason's high-impact flyer designs. He currently designs for key Rave and club promoters such as ROAM in Los Angeles, Sound Factory Records in Tucson and 2 AM Artist Management in New England. Jason Splat is a firm believer of the positive power of celebration, and this free spirited vibe comes across in both his music and his graphics! **Tune into www.phunkeduprecords.com for the latest audio and label news.


musical style:

"making the workd a funkier place - one record at a time"



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