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Adam Wiggins



Spinning a unique style of dark and subtle tech-trance, Adam Wiggins is raising the standard for underground electronica DJs. His precise timing, smooth mixing technique, and progressive song arrangement combine to deliver a powerful musical experience to his audiences. He is perhaps best known for his "story-like" song progression, building energy levels with each mix and leading listeners into a deep and complex narrative designed to immerse and amaze. In a scene full of DJs who, as one promoter put it, "just play records, one after the other," Adam Wiggins truly stands apart.


Adam Wiggins has appeared at numerous clubs and parties in southern California this year, including primtime sets at EPluribus Union and Celebrate Friendship, both of which attracted nearly 1,000 attendees. He has spun alongside DJs such as Brian McGuire, Rose Kennedy, Alicija, Taylor, Sandra Collins, Ganesh, Eugenius, Chelsea, Charlie Brown, and Nicholas Bennison to name a few. He is a resident DJ at two clubs: Equator Afterhours, and the Batcave.

Other recent events of note:

Imagination by Eco-Systems
Candy by Evolution Entertainment
Digital Paradise by Voodoo Tribe Productions
Fate by U Productions
EPluribus Union by the the Orange Kids
Celebrate Friendship by EAM Entertainment
Out Of This World by the InTrance Productions
Dose by Arkham Entertainment
Moments by REM Sleep Entertainment
Walk in the Park by Twisted Intentions
Goble Goble by Arkham Entertainment
O.K. 1 Year Anniversary by the Orange Kids
Orange Camp by the Orange Kids

Listener Quotes

"I just wanted to thank you for taking me on an AMAZING journey at the Celebrate Friendship party. You seriosly blew my mind and kept me flying for hours. Your music was unbelievable, and unlike anything I've ever heard before. Now nothing can compare to what I heard on the 13th, and I'm really looking forward to hearing you again."

"I was so impressed with your set at CF that I told many people about you - and some of them even came to epluribus. Unfortunately, you've been very hard to find lately! I am one who monitors your web site for I am not a crazed fan, so don't worry. I am just someone who really appreciates your ability to weave a story!"

"I went to the Afterhours last night instead of Cochella, and had a fabulous time. You did an amazing job! Your sound just keeps getting darker, I love it. I'll be coming back often."


musical style:

Dark and subtle tech-trance with complex melodies and driving beats.



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