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DJ Rock the Beat


rogressive house


i've ben djing since the early 80's i started out with the whole venice beach breaker tribe (chain reaction,shrimp,l.a.lockers,etc..)i really like the way crowds tend to like a lot of different types of music. i perfer to mix it on the pop tip with edges of underground thrown in to ease the the crowd into the new styles that are coming out! i write and produce a lot of different types of club jams (depending on what the artist wants) i've donr engineering for a lot out popular artist (the biggest being "mr.jackson") i love music and can't understand how someone can't love tech,house,rave,rare groove,break beat and drum&bass(or "jungle" in it's pure state)i can mix anything for i am a servent of the people , one thing i can't stand are arrogant djs you know if your not killing it like q-! bert or dj triangle or sneak and your simple blending records together i know that take some talent but let's face it at the end of the day all you did way pick out records at the dance most of us only like the "song" we didn't write the song! anyway i love it when a mix comes together and love hearing dj's make up creative combinations i just wish more house and trance dj's would take more chances instead of just blending (oakenfold)(who is an great prodcer)i've done a lot of clubs in costa rica ('80s) an a bunch of clubs in colorado and have been going out to tons of clubs in l.a. and all my friends say i need to step out and fill the void which is bring the fun back to the booth everyone is way to cool for the room.......not! ------ d.j. rock the beat!


musical style:

early in the set (9:00pm-1am) pop -radio friendly house with underground vibe



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