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Dj Demigod Birth Date: Feb 24. 1975 (pisces) Education: U.C.L.A. Techno/Hardcore D.J. Since: 1991 Locations Performed: California: Los Angeles + (Southern California) San Francisco + (Bay Area) San Jose + (South Bay) Sacramento Palm Springs Fresno + (Central California) Chico Out Of State: Washington; Seattle Oregon; Portland Idaho; Idaho Falls Arizona; Phoenix, Tuscon Mass; West Port Out Of Country Czech Republic, Prague Germany: Berlin England: London Tapes Released: "Demigod I" (1992) "Demigod II" (1993) "The Black Gate" (1994) "Ultima" (1995) "Atrocities" Dj Demigod vs. Ron D. Core (1996) "Megablast" Dj Demigod vs. Ron D. Core (1997) "Atrocities II" Dj Demigod vs. Ron D. Core (1997) "E. Pluribus Unum" dbl tape (1998) "United States of Hardcore I" Dj Demigod vs. Rob Gee (1999) "Live Seattle Edition" (2000) "United States of Hardcore II" Dj Demigod vs. Omar Santana (2001) "United States of Hardcore III" Dj Demigod vs. Ron D. Core (2001) Records Released: "D-Day E.P." Ruff Beats-Industrial Strength Records (1997) "Seismic Rumble" System Records (1997) "Scud Attack" System Records (1998) "Urban Equation" System Records (1999) CD's Released: "One Step Back" Lenny Dee and DJ Demigod -The Music Cartel (2001) Projects Up-coming "System Records Anthology 1996-2001" CD System Records Film: "From Hell" **Major blockbuster motion picture from 20th Century Fox. Starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. Featuring original music by Dj Demigod** Video: Dj Demigod Dj Demigod, referred to as the "godfather" of hardcore by Urb magazine, is perhaps one of the most influential and respected figures in the American Hardcore scene. Originating from the Bay Area rave community circa 1991, Dj Demigod quickly established himself as a true pioneer of the hardcore sound. After securing Northern California by performing at practically all the legendary events such as the first Cyberfest, the first Armageddon, and more, Dj Demigod packed up and moved to Hollywood the week after he graduated highschool in 1993 to help promote and expand his musical career. When asked why he decided to move down to Southern California at such a young age all by himself, Dj Demigod replied, "I was getting a hell of a lot of gigs in LA so what the hell." Dj Demigod has over the years built up a performance track record to rival any dj. With multiple performances at events thrown by mega-promoters such as CPU101, Coolworld, Technostate, Go Ventures, Philipsyed, Opium, and Chemically Unbalanced just to name a few, Dj Demigod quickly cemented himself into the minds of tens of thousands of people throughout the country. Dj Demigod is also proud to be the oldest hardcore resident for the nation's largest rave event promoter, Insomniac, as well as being the sole hardcore resident for Skills Productions in the Bay Area. In addition to domestic bookings, Dj Demigod has also performed abroad at such world famous events and clubs as the "Bunkor" in Berlin, which was the largest Techno club in all of Europe at the time, and the world famous "Eurotech 2000" club in London. Dj Demigod also performed at the world’s largest New Years event of 2002, "Rave Olympia" in Switzerland put on by the legendary Goliath Events. To help expand and improve his classical background, Dj Demigod decided to give his musical career an educational boost by attending one of the most prestigious Universities in the nation, U.C.L.A., which he successfully graduated from in 2000. With a degree under his belt, Dj Demigod not only continues to travel throughout the states playing at both massives and undergrounds on a weekly basis, he is also working hard in the studio writing, producing, and mixing his own tracks for international release. Dj Demigod's first 12-inch release, "D-Day," occurred in 1997 on America's oldest hardcore techno record label, New York's Industrial Strength. The record was an instant success and was heralded by some of the top dj's and magazines in the world. The legendary Dj Slipmat in Muzik magazine issue #26, proclaimed that the record was "arranged with total originality." Likewise in issue #22 of Dream Magazine, Dj Scott Brown wrote that this record is "3 tracks of extreme dance till you drop hardcore...Ruff Beats collectors should not miss out." The following year, Dj Demigod formed System Records which released the first all hardcore record west of the Mississippi. Entitled "Seismic Rumble," the record came out in January of 1998 and quickly sold out of it's original run of 1100. In 1999, Dj Demigod followed up with "Scud Attack" which also sold out of it's original run of 1100. Then in 2000, "Urban Equation" was released marking the third hit record on System Records and the fourth for Dj Demigod. One of the reasons behind this remarkable string of successful 12-inch vinyl releases is the revolutionary technique Dj Demigod implements in constructing his songs. His method of song creating involves placing each beat in by hand in real-time with an absolute minimum of computer sequencing assistance. Unlike with most other electronic music producers, common methods such as quantizing and looping are rarely used. The end result is a revolutionary sound unheard of before in any music field. It has been said before that Dj Demigod is bridging the musical divide between man and machine like no one else. The arrival of the 21st century has ushered in a new dawn for Dj Demigod. The year began with him securing the position of hardcore manager/buyer at the world famous Beat Non Stop Records in LA. A few months later Dj Demigod took the position of hardcore editor at Freebass magazine which runs a monthly nationwide circulation of over fifty thousand. In addition, Dj Demigod has agreed to take the position of hardcore manager/buyer at the new F-8 Records in L.A. and Skills DJ Workshop in Berkeley. On video you can catch Dj Demigod on the nationally televised "Freak City T.V." (episodes 1,6,,11) and the Insomniac/Go Ventures "Together As One" documentary. Add to that features in magazines such as Thunder and Insider and websites such as Groovetech and Thump, and you can begin to see just how deep Dj Demigod is entrenched in the electronic music scene. Ever since 1991, Dj Demigod has continued to release mix projects by himself and in collaboration with artists such as Ron D. Core, Rob Gee, Omar Santana, Lenny Dee and more. In 2001, Dj Demigod celebrated his 10th mix-tape release entitled "United States of Hardcore Volume II." Although Dj Demigod has more or less had to rely solely on independent dance music stores for distribution, he has nevertheless managed a very impressive set of sales figures for his mix sets. For example, the first "Atrocities" release has sold in excess of three thousand five hundred copies, with the other releases closing in on three thousand as well. With a better distribution system, it is easy to imagine just how many thousands of units Dj Demigod can sell. Although Dj demigod's past is impressive indeed, it is his future that holds the most promise and potential. Projects just released include the third volume of the "United States of Hardcore" which debuted at the "Area 51"" massive in S.F.. Also just released is a double CD project on N.Y.’s The Music Cartel entitled "Ruff Beats One Step Back." Dj Demigod showcases a megamix on the first CD while Lenny Dee presents a compilation on the second CD. A CD planned for a winter release is a compilation Dj Demigod is putting together for System Records. This yet untitled CD project will feature the very best of System Records circa 1996-2001. Perhaps the most exciting project Dj Demigod has ever released, is the full-size blockbuster Hollywood film entitled "From Hell" which debuted at #1 on Oct 19th. This remake of the "Jack the Ripper" story features original music written and produced by Dj Demigod. The movie stars two of the world's most renowned superstars, Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. Dj Demigod is the first and only Hardcore Dj/Producer to have a music credit in a full length feature film!! Without a doubt, this movie is sure to launch Dj Demigod beyond the confines of the "underground" and into the eye of the mainstream. With the best yet to come from this veteran of the hardcore techno and rave movement, you can rest assured that Dj Demigod will continue to bring the future of electronic music to the audience of today, as well as tomorrow.


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