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Mike Varela



Mike Varela was introduced to electronic music in 1993 by way of the melodic, ambient sounds coming out of Germany at that time. Thoroughly moved by the structure and production value of the genre, Mike broadened his ear to acts such as Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Orbital, and Aphex Twin. Being exposed to this, as well as waveform and early techno, his style varied much within these lines, however, it was his love and devotion to jazz that would have him turn to house. Mike began attending related music events in 1997, and continues to today. Motivated to do more than simply listen, Mike purchased his first pair of turntables in 1998. His involvement would not remain limited though to just spinning records. Feeling the need to give back to the community he had gained so much from, he began to help produce and organize events with other like-minded promoters. To date, Mike has teamed with over 28 different individuals and 11 prominent production companies to host over 22 events (some of which have made their way into an ongoing series). In every case the events benefited from his unique desire and experience to return not only quality, but to raise the bar each time and to continually strive to meet a standard that was fast becoming a whisper. 2000 turned out to be Mike’s busiest year thus far. While continuing his involvement with several production companies, he began to focus more on his individual career. Spinning at exclusive industry events, major clubs and local hotspots Mike has quickly gained a reputation for his fluid sound, jazzy mixtures and seamless blending ability. He currently holds a residency at Essence (an atmospheric lounge held the 1st & 3rd Tuesday’s at The Room in Santa Monica) and he’s performed all over Los Angeles at places like Giant, Vynyl, the Martini Lounge, The Standard, Louis 14 and the West End. In his spare time he reviews music for BPM Culture Magazine,, and Mike is represented by Vinyl Voyage Management (VVM), a management and promotions group based in Los Angeles. Mike’s style can be described best as funk infused jazzy house. He also showcases his talent regularly in downtempo, drum & bass, ambient, and raregroove. Mike currently resides in the Los Angeles area. He is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing and communications. Beyond his desire to continue with his successful DJ career, Mike plans on eventually using his vast experience to produce his own music.


musical style:

funk infused jazzy house



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