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progressive trance


HYJYNX first wanted to be a DJ back in elementary school, when he started listening to DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince! Although his parents didn't appreciate him scratching up their Righteous Brothers records... He went to his first party in Columbus, Ohio in March 1999, and when he saw Scott Henry & Terry Mullan behind the decks, he knew that is where he belonged! He started buying records and practicing on borrowed 1200s a year later, and then moved to the LA area from his native Ohio in March 2001. Now affiliated with Spherocity & OrangeKids; HYJYNX has performed at Mission:Possible [1 & 2], Lightning in a Bottle [2,3, & 4], OrangeCamp, PLURthdance, Lucid Dreams, The Gates Project, KrypToniteLA, Fluid, SpinDance Film Festival, Night Gallery, Master Class, and the Spring and Fall Art Walks at Abundant Sugar, located in The Brewery Complex in East LA. He also had a brief stint at the Groove Fitness Gym in Hollywood. HYJYNX also rocked the playa at Burning Man 2002 and will be making his second appearance there this year. His blend of dark progressive trance and breakbeats keeps the crowd moving, and by adding live vocals to the mix he truly sets himself apart from the pack. Now stepping into the world of production, HYJYNX will soon be making his own tracks as well as remixing, writing scores for films, and doing more vocal work and collaborating with other area musicians.


musical style:

Dark, Progressive Trance/ Breaks with Live Vocals



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