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A Los Angeles native, Alland Byallo is breaking into the house scene with his blend of deep and funky selections. Sometimes deep and techy, other times tribal and funky; either way Allandís taste in music always instills an undeniable groove.

Allandís involvement with music didnít just start from splurging and buying some 1200ís. Having been raised with music since the age of 5 playing piano, and adding jazz trumpet at age 11, it only seemed natural for Alland to follow up his skills and training by pursuing production.

At the age of 22, and under the alias Puls, Alland creates fragmented, moody, dark, deep and minimal tech-house rhythms. The style is quite the contrast to what you'd normally hear on Alland's decks, but you never know when heíll surprise you and throw down a mean tech set.

Aside from his obsession for music, Alland is a graphic designer with a taste for the miimal, intelligent, and avant garde. Watch out for an upcoming Puls EP.


musical style:

Blend of jazzy deep House, moody minimal Tech-House, and fonkier midtempo House.



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