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The inception of dbas(s)ed (pronounced debased) begins in the early nineties when Hamlet became involved in the electronic arts medium via the experimental video work he was producing while attending art school. Through his provocative video work and reputation as a ground breaking video artist he discovered the sheer power of audio combined with visuals. He realized that the right combination could manifest into something very powerful and mesmerizing; a potent blend that was greater than the sum of the parts. This became the dbas(s)ed motto musically and visually. These elements being very apparent in every dbas(s)ed live performance as well. The musical references are all over the musical spectrum. Although a couple of main themes shared amongst the artists admired by Hamlet are uniqueness and originality. Today Hamlet continues to compose and remix as much as possible under the pseudonym dbas(s)ed. He has done remixes for the likes of Missing Persons, Moloko, Santana and Andy, the middle eastern pop sensation. Upcoming on Hypnotic Records is a continues trance mix done by dbas(s)ed along with his partner in crime Decoding Jesus with an original track by dbas(s)ed . And finally getting many rave reviews is an upcoming independent film titled “Luster” with yet another dbas(s)ed song on the soundtrack. The future looks bright for this relentless audio manipulator.


musical style:

electronica with soul



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