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Thomas Sahs



Thomas Sahs has been a DJ since 1995. He is known for his extraordinary technical skills and three turntable mixing abilities. His style ranges from funky house with a tech base to down tempo and deep melodies. He is currently a partner and artist for Chalant Music, an Austin based Production Company and record label. Most of his day is spent in the studio alone or with fellow Chalant artist Merrick Brown. Look for upcoming releases in 2002.

Thomas has performed in many places across North America. These include Vancouver, Reynosa, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver and Salt Lake City. He is also a favorite in many of the major cities of the Southwest such as Austin, Houston and Dallas. He has played along side of many talents such as Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Heather, King Britt, Fatboy Slim, Rabbit in the Moon, DJ Buck, Mark Grant, Doc Martin, Gemini, RaSoul, Miguel Migs, and countless others. He currently holds the Friday Night residency at Texture Nightclub, one of the country‚s premier house clubs.

Thomas has played music since the age of nine. He has been writing since he was fifteen. He can play guitar, bass guitar and several other electronic instruments. Some of his early musical influences include Jane‚s Addiction, The Misfits, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince and George Michael. He is also a huge Fat Boys fan. Thomas is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Corporate Communication. He has a double minor in business and electronic music.

Some of the artists found in Thomas‚ crate include: Soldiers of Twilight, Derrick Carter, Space, Brett Johnson, JT, Lance, Iz and Diz, Swag, Mateo and Matos, Mood II Swing, The Freaks, MAW, David Duriez, RaSoul, Jonene, Inland Knights, David Chong, Blaze and DJ Buck. He is also a big fan of labels like: MFF, Classic, Seasons, Air Tight, Dessous, Aesoteric, Panhandle, Cyclo and long time favorite Cajual.


musical style:

funky deep w/ a tech base and lots of boompty boomp



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