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Brian McGuire


progressive house


If youíre reading this, you have a need for music. And clearly, youíve come to the perfect place. Whether itís seeing him give people pleasurable lobotomies on the dance floor at RED, requesting new tracks from him during one of his busy shifts at Vinyl Fetish, seeing him play at popular events such as SPUNDAE, or simply being humored in person by his height and wit, Brianís life is music. Brian is immersed in all facets of the creative process with industry collectives such as BIOHAZARD, NEOTEQ & VINYL VOYAGE MANAGEMENT (VVM). Of Brianís eleven total residencies, he maintains impressive ones that include RED & BIOHAZARD events. His recent bookings are symbolic of his growth as an artist. Having spun at "YURIíS NIGHT at THE PALACE", an NPR (National Public Radio) journalist was quoted as stating the obvious: "Brian McGuire is an up and coming DJ". Brian is proud to perform in noble fund-raising efforts such as EAMís "WE THE PEOPLE". This large event booked the likes of Christopher Lawrence, Tarrentella & Redanka, Deepsky,Taylor and John Kelly. Additionally, Brian is currently very active in the studio, having completed a track to be released on an upcoming BIOHAZARD compilation. He is also working on several other tracks to be distributed independently. Brianís production experience includes commercial projects for private businesses and educational facilities. It is abundantly clear that Brian McGuireís performances and talent are nothing short of revolutionary.


musical style:

deep, progressive house, scary, strange, tribal, beautiful



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