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Coming from a photo-producing background (former Photo Editor of Men's Fitness magazine, etc.) I immediately recognized the power of appropriate and creative music to enhance and transform any creative endeavor into something truly unique. As a result, I DJ alot of high profile photo shoots for major campaigns with some of the biggest photographers and celebrities in the entertainment industry. I also DJ private parties and different events thrown by movie studios, record companies, magazines etc. Recently was invited by Variety magazine to spin at the Cannes Film Festival. My musical style is eclectic, heavy on electronica which can include everything from house, acid-jazz, rap, disco, electro, ambient, funk, trip-hop, soul, techno, fusion, and anything else that keeps people in a fun party dancy mood. It's cool music for cool people - and if you haven't figured it out yet, what I think is cool is a pretty wide musical taste.


musical style:

eclectic, house, acid-jazz, ambient, disco, rap, electro, soul, funk, fusion



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