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Josh Abrams


progressive house


New blood is essential in keeping anything fresh and new, and in the world of DJ‚s that holds especially true. Of the newest and brightest progressive house DJ‚s desitned for greatness is LA‚s own Josh Abrams.

In just a relatively short time behind the turntables, Josh has already enjoyed great success. Some have said he‚s a natural, with a feeling for rhythm, tone, and time ˆ and that natural talent is desitned to take him to great places. He is also a master motivator of the dance floor no matter where he may be. He understands the bond between a DJ and his crowd and makes every set an individual journey.

Joshs fascination with electronic music started long before he was able to get into a club. It began with a cd called „Trancesylvania 2,‰ an early 90s compilation of dark trance and techno. „I didn‚t know what to think about the music. It was like nothing I had ever heard before.‰ A few years later the captivating rhythms and pulsating beats would lead him into his first clubs and the love affair was on. From the first moment Josh knew that he had something special to offer and with that he began his quest to bring his experience to others. With no prior experience playing out, Josh earned an opening spot at „PURE‰ at Club Sugar in Santa Monica, California, alongside two excellent UK resident DJ‚s. His energy, enthusiasm, and mixing made him an instant favorite among the crowd. Josh then cut his first demo cd „For All Mankind‰ and took it to Miami Beach for the 2000 Winter Music Conference Coming home, he realized he had dropped his disc in a bunch of the right hands and w! as booked in a number of clubs across North America. Currently, Josh still holds the residency at PURE every Saturday night, now as the main DJ, and serves as the night‚s main talent booker.

He also makes continual appearances throughout Los Angeles‚ best venues. Since taking the helm at „PURE,‰ Josh has played alongside such DJ‚s as Kasey Taylor, David Waxman, Mark Lewis, Troy Roberts, Nigel Richards, and many others. With a natural feel for the music, as well as his fun-loving party attitude, Josh continues to keep Œem screaming and begging for more. Big ups to the new skool vibe


musical style:

Dark intense progressive house



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