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progressive house


Electronic music came into my life freashman year of college while in Colorado where I was introduced to Plastic Man (a.k.a. Richie Hawtin) and the sounds of Detriot Techno. From there I began to listen to as many differnt genres as possible. Some of my first favorite djs where DJ DAN, Dimiti,and Deasel Boy just to named a few. After graduating from college I moved to San Francisco where a fell in love with the sounds of tribel progreesive house. I love the way that progressive house makes you move and feel. Progressive house has this great way of being able to build and build until the dance floor is in a total frensy. Some a best dj's that can do this are John Digweed, Sasha, Danny tenaglia, Jimmy Van M, Kramer, Steve Lawler and many more. Many big named djs and also plenty of up and coming dj's have mastered this skill of using progressive house to take a crowd through many levels of feelings. I love the way that tribal progressive house sounds because of the drums and the deep bass. The drums give the music a unique sound almost like that of jungle that can make you dance all night long. I hope you love electronic music as much as I do and I hope that one day you will also be able to experience a tribal progressive house set spun by me or any other progressive house DJ out there.


musical style:

Progressive house with tribal drums and heart ponding bass...



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