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Rory O'Donnell


progressive house


Growing up in a household where listening to LPs was more popular than watching television, music became an influential part of Rodons life at an early age. By the age of 11, he was surrounded by an eclectic mix of sounds from the likes of Can, Kraftwerk, Nitzerebb, KMFDM, Orbital, Pizzicato Five, Massive Attack, and Brit-pop. At the same time Rodon began experimenting with audio trackers and music composition on his Amiga computer. Eventually many band projects and electronic sound experiments were spawned.

It wasnt until 1997 that Rodon was turned on to the DJ scene when he was playing a live P.A. at a New Years Eve party that a friend was throwing. Later that evening Rodon was invited to mix a few records, oddly enough, mixing seemed to come naturally. From that day forth, Rodon began collecting trance and house records to add to his library of LPs at home. Exactly 3 years later on New Years Eve, Rodon met Brian McGuire, a fellow up and coming DJ from the LA area. They became fast friends and they look forward to some collaborative efforts in the future.

Rodon currently lurks in LAs underground, and can be spotted playing a variety of mixes ranging from progressive house, to trance and nu-school breaks.


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