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Andy Alba



Andy has been a part of underground dance culture for nearly a decade. Not so much as a DJ, but as a devoted follower. "I remember when I heard house music for the first time...I was blown away. But once my knowledge of the various types of house music began to grow, I knew what I wanted to hear and very few DJ's were providing me with that. So I began DJ'ing for myself." Over the past few years, Andy has worked hard to get himself heard by playing various gatherings in Los Angeles and the Inland Empire. He is also one of two creators of a very successful weekly gathering lable "Pacifica," which is held every thursday in Riverside County(Andy's home of 10 yrs). "I know I'm far from even being considered an up and coming DJ, but I do this because I love It. If you've gone through the trouble of reading my bio and feel the same way I do about dance culture, please do not hesitate to contact me if you'd like an opportunity to be heard. I welcome anyone willing to throw down a good set."


musical style:

An eclectic blend of up-tempo grooves.......



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