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A native of California, Adam Lucas, was attracted to the art of manipulating turntables with vinyl, while growing up in the Los Angeles suburb, DIAMOND BAR on the border of ORANGE COUNTY. „I remember back in high school, hanging around in my neighbor‚s room, her name was ADRIANE, for days, listening to the incredible HiNRG music of the 90‚s! I was so drawn to that Electronic sound, it soon became obvious for me to search for a way to satisfy my urge and passion to become a part of the unique art of mixing music. The intense TECHNO BEAT captured my interest and it was then I realized the Dance and Rave Music Scene was where I needed to be.‰ Upon graduating from Troy High School with honors, Fullerton, California, Adam immediately moved out of his parents home, to be closer to the Los Angeles music scen! e, and ended up in Torrance, California. He lived with several that shared this quest and desire of the DJ culture, and began learning the art of spinning records. Every extra penny he acquired went to increasing his music collection, and when he realized it was more important to follow this calling, he returned to live with his parents in Diamond Bar, for the obvious financial benefits. Adam frequented as many clubs, raves, and the like, till one night while awaiting entry to an event at the Fox Theatre, in Pomona, the promoter experienced a „NO SHOW DJ‰ and approached Adam, in line, and remarked „Hey Adam, you are a DJ, right, and you live close, I need you to go home, get your music, and then return to spin in 45 minutes, OK?‰ Adam jumped on this opportunity, presuming he would spin in one of the smaller rooms as an opener. When he returned, he was thrust into the main room and accepted this challenge as best as possible, nervous and scared at first, but when the crowd received him overwhelmingly, this response only confirmed his desires to establish him as a DJ. That night was the turning point and what followed was this gig, and that rave, and this place, and that party, all modest but each contributing to his ultimate opportunity to spin at the 2001 BURNING MAN annual celebration.


musical style:

Hard, dark, progressive, psy and epic trance. I also spin Happycore.



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