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progressive house

progressive trance

while in the 5th grade DJ chris jackson was watching others dancing during lunch recess to motown favorites the jackson5,marvin gaye,the supremes, but using only one turntable the songs stopped and chris had the idea that if we haul another heavy turntable out here and put another song cued,it would mean more song more fun in an hour. the teachers said help yourself but what for.... in less than week chris had the whole outdoor court filled with kids dancing.....and as they say the rest is history... forward to 1981 Seattle....being a 22 year old b-boy chris 1st club job started...while others where playing clubhits chris was making them... other djs would say thats to slow to weird to this to that, that was the whole purpose. give people variety, dance oriented rock, punkfunk, whatever you call it then and now... being from that time to now gives a dj such rich experinces in club music... chris believes in not giving people what they want but what they WANT, to be entertainted, its all about the groove and the move. always open your mind and ears.. you may hear something... DJ Chris Jackson has been the current saturday dj for the last five years at SPIKE LA creating MANDANCE......


musical style:

tribal,industrial,whatever you call it, I am a dj not a file clerk.............



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