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Aaron Roberts




As the son of a professional musician, Aaron Roberts' wide understanding and love of music was apparent even at an extremely young age. It is this passion that allowed him to see the way in which music, especially dance music, affects the emotion of its listeners. After playing a number of different instruments while growing up and spending years in and around the dance music scene, Aaron discovered that spinning records was something that came natural to him. With a natural ear for music, Aaron Roberts has rapidly accelerated as a talented and respected DJ and is making a name for himself by delivering what few others can. He is crossing the boundaries that have developed in dance music by using new and innovative ways to bring genres together and creating a unique sound that is all his own. While there are a number of talented individuals mixing music today, few have the vision and passion that Aaron projects to the dance floor. He plays new music that connects with his listeners and feeds on their emotion to provide them with an unforgettable experience each and every time they witness one of his sets.


musical style:

Driving tribal beats with funky basslines



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