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eddie dub




Trumpet was my first instrument. Most of my early learning was classical music, big band songs, and jazz. By far, my favorite has always been jazz. Jazz always gives the player a good amount of room to rework the original piece. I mean, you are reading sheet music, but at the same time once you know the song, you have a lot of room to improvise. Dance music became big for me in high school. For me, it was always a music thing. It was so different from everything else that was out there. The music was about making people move, coming together in one place all at the same time. That was a big influence on me. And when I got to college in the bay area, well, thatís when the music took over. The Bay Area is known for itís DJ culture. Anyone who knows the scene there knows that there is tons of talent, both producers and djís, and ten times as many people trying to get recognized for doing their thing. I must say that the house music scene up there, well, it got to me. I mean, itís deep inside me. The producers and djís alike inspired my own creative juices. Iíll never let go of thatÖ


musical style:

deep funky house



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