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progressive trance


WOLFIE spins progressive and tribal at various desert and warehouse parties in california. Wolfie created Night Gallery, a monthly invitation only underground party. He has spun for Dream Circus, Bliss, Integral, OrangeKids, Halloween and La Fetish Ball, and will be the main DJ at burning man for the Dr Megavolt camp. He headlines regularly at events ranging from warehouse parties on up to full size clubs like the hollywood athletic club and Qutopia. Wolfie is extremely supportive of promoters. Any gig he is hired for will be sent out on the DJ Wolfie mailing list(2000+ emails) and gets posted on which gets accessed by about 1100 people each month. Wolfie owns two large sound systems, turntables, mixers. the Bassbins are the same tonka jbl scoops that moontribe uses for thier outdoor parties. Wolfie is a reliable friendly dj that supports everyone involved in creating events.


musical style:

progressive, trance, tribal, or upscale dance depending on time slot and crowd



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