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DJ R!CO ( AKA Baby Novo)




Welcome to Looped, homepage of Baby Novo AKA DJ R!CO. Baby Novo is the alias DJ R!CO use's for production or "creating" , giving birth to tracks hence the ^baby^. R!CO ( Ricardo Novo) was born in Portugal in the city of Porto in 1972 and migrated to London at an early age growing up in a area heavy in musical charms, primarily the west Indian and African ethnic influences . While's growing up "in da hood" Baby Novo's main sources for inspiration were the heady base lines from the reggae , sweet vocals of Soul and the prominent beats coming out of U.S Hip hop scene between 1980 and 1990, ten years of probably the best urban street music. This gave DJ R!CO the essential grooves and beats that would push him in the direction of production and creating beats .. For vocal inspiration he looked to the music that he grew up listening and raving to.. The good old rare groove and northern soul being played by all the sound systems in the area .. Baby Novo ( AKA DJ RICO) has played on a international circuit along side some of the industry heavy weights, including ARMAND VAN HELDEN (Strictly Rhythm) , Baby Hec Romero ( Def Mix NY) just to mention a couple as well as having performed as resident on the following UK radio stations < Freek FM , Fresh FM, Edge FM > maintaining a fresh sound of deep funky Dubby and Tribal grooves. Baby Novo is currently working on a full 8 track EP ( more news to follow) A sample demo CD by Baby Novo taking you into a House realm of Four 4 beats and broken break beats and nasty grooves can be obtained by contacting Baby Novo currently resides in London and can be found playing as resident @ HEY GORGEOUS! In the heart of London's Soho @ Cream 62 Frith Street, Enjoy Peace and love to all !


musical style:

deep duby filtered beats and grooves



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