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Chris Ewen


progressive trance

progressive house

Chris Ewen has become one of the top up and coming progressive djs in Southern California, but it hasn't come easily for him. He's worked extremely hard to perfect his mixing and is constantly looking to better his style.

Chris' love for music has always been present. An active music collector and choir student throughout his teens, Chris was introduced to electronic music in 1998 and fell in love. After attending his first rave party in 1999 he had decided that Trance music was the genre that really caught his ear. He was drawn in by the emotional synths and feelings it portrayed. He soon knew what he wanted to do.

In May of 2000 Chris began his journey as a dj. Since he's built a reputation of being a dj that leaves a crowd intoxicated with excitement by composing an electronic symphony of deep, pounding bass and euphoric synths. A Chris Ewen set is definitely a step away from the ordinary, but that's what makes them so special. It was this drive to be set a side from others that got him selected to be part of Biohazard Productions; an accomplishment do to the fact that it is the most respected collection of djs in Los Angeles.

Chris has released 3 tapes and 5 CD in the effort to support the scene he loves and spread his sound. He's played on a radio station in Weimar, Germany and a screaming crowd in Utah. He's been featured at numerous events and clubs in Southern California and "rocked the house." Chris has grown attention from top djs and production companies as, "new talent to keep your eyes on." Now being part of Biohazard Productions and InnerCircle Entertainment, he plans to venture off across the United States and beyond to spread his sound.

This young dj has an auspicious future ahead of him and is sure to be a name to watch in years to come. Chris is one of the most hard working, dedicated, and determined djs in the scene and he's sure to keep striving for the goal of one day being one of the most respected djs in the world.

Current Residencies:

// Biohazard Productions

// InnerCircle Entertainment

// Aftahour / Club Escape

// Common Ground Entertainment

// KX Entertainment


musical style:

Deep Progressive



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