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Zack Hill



Zack got into DJ'ing back in the late 80's by listening to the mix shows on KDAY and from movies like Beat Street and Breakin. While all of his friends were working on their freestyle rap skills, Zack was always more than happy to find the newest beats and throw together a tape for them to flow to. In 1991, Zack went to a few raves with some friends, and the bug got worse. I used to be amazed at all these people dancing all night and the DJ being able to control them! Zack soon discovered a record store near his home that stocked all the latest Techno and House tracks. After a few months of spending all his money on new vinyl, he found a friend who had some turntables and began to practice. I got my first real gig in April of '93 at a rave called The Magical Mushroom Patch. It was incredible! Soon Zack was a regular DJ at the Friday weekly, Insomniac. From there it just took off, I was still a raver, going out every weekend, so I knew a lot of promoters. Zack has been booked at raves in LA and around the US ever since, spinning at parties, and holding DJ residencies from such promotion teams as Go Ventures, Insomniac, Technostate, Channel 36, People Who Love You, PHP, Sugarbeats, Biohazard/H3 Productions, Good Times, Phlipseyed Entertainment, and many, many others. He has released quite a few Mixtapes over the years, some selling over 500 copies! In 1997, Zack began changing his style and began spinning house music more and more often. It was a natural progression for me, techno began to grow old and house music just became more exciting to me. I started to spin under the DJ name Zack and Zack Hill since Jughead just didn't seem to fit in with the style of music I was spinning anymore. Over the past 3 years, Zack has made the change from techno to house and has performed at a number of events throughout the US as Zack Hill. When asked if he would still spin techno, he replies, Sure, if the situation is right, I think old school Techno needs to be played at a certain time to a certain crowd. To sum up his DJ career, Zack says, Since I began DJ'ing just for fun, I never really set any big goals for myself to accomplish. I always just did it for fun. This past couple of years, things have gotten bigger than I ever expected, so now I'm setting some serious goals for myself.


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