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Koy Browne




Koy Browne was introduced to the electronic music community during the mid-nineties while he studied at one of metropolitan Toronto's boarding academies. Unbeknowest to his Jesuit educators, Koy was slinking out until the wee hours of the morning to enjoy sets from european DJs and producers at the Dose and Cyrous underground parties. The impact of this exposure was immediate and sustaining: Koy was hooked to the music.

Upon return to his native Southern California to attend university, Koy decided that he needed to involve himself in the local scene. Hooking up with the venerable Moontribe and Integral outdoor gatherings only furthered this desire, and put a distinct West Coast flavor into the taste of his music. He soon was booked to area underground parties which garnered a small, local following of fans.

Recently, Koy has traveled to Seattle and Eastern Washington to share his tribal influenced beats with an appreciative Northwest audience. He had the opportunity to play at Rotunda 8 in downtown Los Angeles, which showcased his skills on the turntables with a diverse crowd of indoor partygoers.

Koy's current project has been the founding of the Headzofstate collective with his close friends Anden, J. Voortrekker, and Toshi Nagura of Rotunda. The collective maintains a loyal fan base that is drawn to the deep tribal house and percussive techno that has defined their sound.


musical style:

tribal techouse and percussive techno



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