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DJ Lou



Born in Santa Monica Ca in 1977, Lou was always moved by music and fell in to the likes of Disco in the mid 80’s and always had an ear for electronic music as it progressed in the late 80’s and early 90’s. He began his musical career soon after he attended his first underground party in 1990. He was instantly drawn to the uniting vibe of loud music and the underground feel of the dark and hidden warehouses where our scene was born. From Hip-Hop (Sean Perry) to the break beat, tech-House sounds of DJ Dan, DJ Flash Barry Weaver and Doc Martin, Lou was inspired to explore the world of the DJ and soon he was sharing the music that he had grown to love and appreciate with beat lovers like himself. Lou’s artistic tastes have progressed much and he has since developed a deep love for house music. When asked to describe his current playing influence, Lou says, “My style is any laid down, funky beat with deep bass lines and smooth, jazzy, disco loops…, music that makes your body move...” Lou is very intent upon expressing his love for the underground through his melodic music and has played at countless events in the Los Angeles area with many local greats as well as talents from across the globe such as , Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Julius Papp, Dj Sneak, Tony Senghore of Sweden, Jonene, Marques Wyatt, Mark Grant, Joeski, Frank Ryde, Onionz, Sameer (N.Y.C), Steve Loria and Jaime Thinnes. As most artists at this point in their career, Lou is beginning to focus on the production and distribution of his own tracks. He has already released a mixed CD called “Dancing on Sacred Grounds”. He is also working with producers at Sedated Recordings in Los Angeles to soon be on their label. There can only be more magic to come from this amazing talent so stay informed and keep an ear out for the deep and funky sounds of DJ Lou.


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