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I place the blame for my obsession with music squarely between “The Monkees” and “Robot” from Lost in Space. When I was a youngster, I can remember my fascination with the Robot’s big orange blinking voice light. After much investigation [and stumbling upon the freezer light that worked in much the same way] I was disappointed to conclude that I had no such gift.

It was the will of God [or some broken-down program director] that The Monkees followed Lost in Space in the afterschool lineup on Channel 52 in Howell, Michigan. Here was a show about four boys living together, making music and partying at the beach – what an idea! I may have been too hopped-up on chocolate milk to realize that my future had been sealed.

So it has been my path to become lost in space-age technology with lights that blink while I monkey around with sounds that ... [inner voice: “excuse me? where are you going with this? maybe you should finish this in the third person like everyone else does... and don’t tell them any more about the freezer...”]

For my commercial work, I’ve explored most musical genres on projects for the likes of Mazda, Ford, GM, Disney, EarthLink, Scripto Pens, and many other companies – some you’ve never even heard of!

As for the music that I snuggle up to at night, that would be a love child of electronic [Trance / Progressive House] and organic [Mozart / Paul Simon].

In my film score projects, I lean toward organic with some electronic sprinkled in. For my original mad phat bangin’ trax + remixes, yo, it’s electronic with melodies textured in. Word!

When I play live, it’s part DJ, part live remix, and depending on who’s in town: part freakshow. I really really like to collaborate with other vocalists and instrumentalists when I can.

That just about brings you up to date. Right now, I’m working on a film score [“Twenty” written and directed by Ash Martin – I also have a cameo as the DJ in the film]; I just finished scoring a commercial with DJ Chris Monaco [NBC’s 2002 Winter Games ad campaign]; Chris and I are finishing an original Progressive House track [to be included on his “2 Year Anniversary of Club Baby’s” mix CD for the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas]; Just finished a remix of the song “Raven” for my good friends Ambr.Sea; and I’m building a live show with Chris that will combine vinyl and electronic for an always unique live experience.

For what the future holds: email me and let me know! Thanks!


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whoa, horsie! how 'bout givin some of that to yo mama!



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