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Kemal has had a passion for music not just since he took up the hobby of playing records but at a very young age of six years old which was influenced by his uncle Audie Desbrow.Audie Desbrow, (drummer of the rock and roll group “Great White” for 15 years) raised Kemal on following in his foot steps and purchased his first drum set at six years old. At the age of nine, Kemal picked up his first guitar his father had gotten for him and soon learned how to play it. At the age of 16 Kemal attended his first underground event in 1996. From that very same night on, he found his new love aside from the instruments...and that love was Dance Music. Kemal found Dance Music as a form of expression* ...There isnt a feeling in this world that can compare to the one you get when you have people just moving and shaking thier butts all night long regaurdless of race,color,beliefs,or any sort of differences at all. Having people praise you for what you love doing and being able to show them a good time and what house music is all about is undescribable. Im all about opening up peoples ears and minds that either love it or have a narrow outlook about house music and showing them the best time possible... Kemal


musical style:

Deep soulful house music



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