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With a musical history of church and school choirs, theater, playing piano, guitar, and creating beats on her drum, it came as no surprise that dj’ing came next in line for Ami. Inspired by her first club in 1993 and many wild adventures on the road seeing live bands, she knew that music would be her outlet for expression. Using the moniker Spirit, Ami started playing records in 1995 and in no time she began to frequent local radio station KUCI’s Friday night broadcast of Riders of the Plastic Groove as well as other internet radio shows and local clubs around Orange County and Los Angeles. She would soon be one of Southern California’s most respected talents. Along with participating in many clubs and events, she started to do her own event production as Our House Melodies; running such events as Greenhouse/L.A. and Our House, one of Orange County’s most intimate house nights. Most recently she has joined the Soul Titanium Collective. Ami has been sought after for her wide range of house music that is sure to get everyone in the groove. With music production in the making, she is definitely a dj and producer to look out for.


musical style:

House Music!



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