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Zach Rieken

Paolo Suaya, Vinyl Voyage Management




Described by Revolution Magazine as being “among L.A.’s most promising impresarios,” Zach Rieken prides himself on pushing musical boundaries. Exploring soundscapes spanning several genres, Zach challenges audiences with performances that often defy classification. His unique style has garnered widespread recognition from music aficionados and critics alike.

In addition to receiving praise in publications such as URB Magazine, BPM and L.A. Tribe, Zach’s talent is evidenced by his popularity in the underground music scene. He has been invited to play at venues across the nation, most recently at The Smart Bar in Chicago, Voodoo Lounge in Denver, Texture in Austin and Giant in Los Angeles. Zach’s current residencies include Neutek, the premiere Los Angeles tech-house party held at the Wonderbar and a bi-monthly residency at Go Geisha Go in St. Louis, as well as a regular live radio show on

Zach is represented by Vinyl Voyage Management (VVM), and also continues his creative partnership in Flux, an organization seeking to evolve dance culture through music distribution and event production.

In each of these affiliations, Zach is driven by a personal commitment to do more than merely entertain; instead, he seeks to provide unique and meaningful musical experiences for his audiences.

Check out Zach's collaboration with Tim Johnston from Denver, The Blues House Project, on radio as well as in the audio section. This concept pays tribute to the tremendous influence the Blues has had on the electronic music of today. Shoot Tim or Zach a message to let them know how you like it!

News: Zach was recently invited to record a set exclusively for, a new website devoted to the deeper side. Look out for this mix concept, Seductive Unknown, on the forthcoming site and on the street.


musical style:

Quality music -- eclectic, diverse and sophisticated...



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