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Mike Downey


progressive trance

progressive house

MIKE DOWNEY (Mixology Records, LA) WWW.DJMIKEDOWNEY.COM DJ Mike Downey, currently located in Los Angeles, has swiftly taken off in North America after tearing up Canada with his exquisite variety of music and uniquestyles of impeccable mixing. Revered as one of the top technical skilled DJs, Mike puts together his sets like pieces of a puzzle, constantly amazing everyone by blending together multiple styles such as UK Hard House, NU-NRG Techno, and Hard Trance. He takes the crowd through a fascinating journey, reaching new peaks and levels, while keeping the dance floors packed throughout his mind-blowing sets. While aspiring to become one of world’s top DJs, Mike has been a pioneer introducing the true UK underground sound to the West Coast. With past and upcoming productions, Mike also throws his own successful one off clubs nights, and parties in LA, Victoria, and Calgary. Mike’s love for his music has now brought him to the level of producing, where his present and future studio work will be paying off with the production of some pumping Hard House, and Hard Trance tracks. Mike has had his fair share of airtime playing well over 100 parties, festivals, raves, and massives. Not only has the party scene embraced Mike’s memorable sets, but he has slammed his mark of uncompromising sound on many clubs all over North America, and internationally, and has spun on several radio stations and shows such as the G-Spot, Webclubbing and Grooveradio. Not only hitting some of the biggest clubs and parties, Mike has been recognized on the web with his online mixes, making him DJ of the month on several websites including www.energyuk.net (the home of Hard House and NU-NRG) www.webclubbing.com, www.electrocalgary.com, www.raveworld.com, and www.techno-world.com, as well as his Hard & Dark CD making #6 on the top ten CDs of the year 2000, just above Carl Cox (#7), LTJ Bukem (#8), and Paul Oakenfold (#9) on the website www.about.com As an established headlining DJ, Mike is currently sweeping across North America, and internationally. Getting booked well ahead of time, Mike Downey is poised for a busy career, so don't miss the chance to have Mike rip up the dance floor, beat down the walls, and leave everyone screaming for more at your next event with his energetic audience generated vibe. Mike has also just signed on with one of LA's newest running labels, Mixology Records, which is run by DJ Mark Lewis (Mixology / Perfecto Records) and is already taking off with a bright future ahead with the record production, Mixology events, and club nights, as well as their own radio station, merchandise, and much more. Here are some online mixes of Mike's Harder styles of music, although is also know to go off on a more uplifting tip during his sets....... BEAT ME (2001) http://www.offitsface.com/mike_downey-beat_me.ram HARD & DARK (2000) http://www.offitsface.com/mikedowney-sept00.ram GONNA GET BEAT DOWN (1999) http://www.offitsface.com/mikedowney.ram If you are interested in booking Mike Downey, you can contact..... Alicin King at spazrocks@hotmail.com or 323-414-MIKE WWW.DJMIKEDOWNEY.COM


musical style:

UK Hard House, Hard Trance, and NU-NRG Techno.



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