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I have been going to parties for about 10 years since I was 14 and started spinning about 3 years ago. I went to college in LA at Pomona College and attended and help put on numerous small desert gatherings. I also set-up and spun at a weekly underground held in the basement of a coffee house in Long Beach called Urban Creations.

After graduating with a degree in Neuroscience/Psychology from Pomona College, I moved back up to my home town, San Francisco and got caught up in the dot-com craze in a reckless bid to earn money for graduate school. I started working at Topica, an internet company with more dj's and promoters than computers and have been helping throw parties and spin with Friends N' Family, Cloud Factory, Urban Wasteland and Phoenix Family. Since my dj skills have only recently been approaching high standards of quality, I mostly have been helping out doing sound, lighting, and promoting underground events.

Parties/events played at:
Urban Creations - Long Beach Weekly 5/99-8/99
Haunted House on the Hill - Sausalito Hills 10/28/1999
Blue Thunder - Sausalito Hills 10/04/2000
Magnetic Mind - Sausalito Hills 11/18/2000
Enchantment - Beverly Hills 12/16/2000
Return to Cortee - Corte Madera 03/10/2000
Cathouse - Millbrae 03/30/2000
Urban Wasteland - Ground Zero @ SF Cannabis Club 04/28/2001


musical style:

I spin two main styles; tribal psychedelic trance and a mix of funky house



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