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CAPSULE is a quintuplet from Los Angeles, California. A year in the making, their debut album features strong rhythm and beats in a trip-hop style blended with pop/contemporary sounds, melody and structure. Most of the songs were created by accident. The group likes to start with weird sounds and let them take form until they reach the end. Using various bits, pieces and samples, weaving guitar lines and unpredictable vocal melodies, CAPSULE will certainly catch the ears of music lovers everywhere. Already, the response from the local market has been quick and impressive.

The proper mix of digital and analog, Capsule has defined its style using the spacey, ambient sounds of electronic mixed with more traditional components like guitars, drums and a voice. Technology never gets in the way or masks the core foundation of the music. Live drums blend effortlessly with gigantic drum loops, lush guitars mix with keyboards and become indistinguishable, samples stream through the songs almost undetected but all these elements feel at home in the mix underneath powerful sometimes angelic vocal lines.

The music that is the basis of CAPSULE is a collaboration of songwriters, including but not always limited to, the 5 members of the group. At the forefront of the bandís sound is the unmistakable voice of Laura Derby, whose inspired lyrics and haunting, magnetic vocals lend continuity to a diverse sonic landscape. Live bass, sampling, programming and sound construction are contributed by The Prophet (Mike Wilson attempting to recreate himself as an icon). Paul David adds his unique guitar style and textures along with keyboard elements. Vernon Salyers plays keyboards live and is also responsible for sonic architecture. Cosmo Jones is the most recent addition to the Capsule team (after a narrow escape from notoriety working with Scott Weiland as the first act on Scotts new label, Lavish Records) adds live drums as well his songwriting/multi-instrumentalist skills.


musical style:

pop blend of triphop and electronica in the vein of Morcheeba, Esthero, etc.



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