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Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes



The term "Godfather of Techno Soul" isn't an understatement. Just likeFrankie Knuckles has been dubbed the Godfather of House due to his deeproots in the culture, Eddie "Flashin" Fowlkes comes from a small group ofpioneers from the early 80's Detroit music scene (including Juan Atkins,Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson). They laid down foundations throughout theUK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Belgium, and the rest of theuniverse.

Fowlkes started his career on fellow tech-head Juan Atkins' label Metroplex- where his debut "Goodbye Kiss" made waves in America, cementing his statusamong a higher class of producers. After hitting the European scene, Fowlkesgarnered rave reviews for his productions on React, Peace Frog, Ten Rec.(Virgin), Sony (Germany), and back to basics, establishing his sound whichhe brands Techno "Soul" - a brand he claims was influenced not only by thedance scene, but by Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Dizzy Gillespie, and QuincyJones.

Whatever the influence, one can't help but notice that every importantprogressive record label in Europe wanted a piece of Fowlkes' black TechnoSoul; thus he found himself creating projects for World End, Sony, Tressor,SSR, Kult (US), Kick'in, Lafayette and Teex/BMG. Eddie deejayed his firstparty in 1981. What a credit to the dance industry that he discovered histalent for producing and re-mixing. All this and he still continues to DJ,causing worldwide eargasms!


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