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Just Jon



Born and raised in the toasty San Fernando Valley and currently residing in the heart of Hollywood, Jon animates his passion for our sub-culture in no better way than making Music truly move. It all started when he attended his first underground party at the age of 15….

“This line sucks. Who are these shady individuals in huge pants whispering strange words in my ear…? Ok, we’re finally in; it’s kinda hot in here, but it’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything like this before, never heard music like this. I feel an energy; a vibe compelling me to move, to dance, to let loose. Don’t be nervous; most of these people are here for the same reason – the music. Ah, yes, the Music..

Since that night, the Music followed Jon, not haunting him, but keeping him company. “Throughout the days and nights, whenever I’m awake, I hear the Music constantly playing in my mind. Music is one of my best friends, and it’s great because it has served as one of the main bonds between myself and, basically, all of my closest and dearest friends. Music is a catalyst.”

In addition to his love of the Music, having an extensive musical background is what inspired him to become a DJ, to select tracks and present them to his audience, expressing his emotions in ways that words never could.

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