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Ruben Medellin




Born on March 3, 1980 in the out-skirts of Los Angeles in the beautiful city of South Gate by father Raul & Lucy Medellin. The second oldest child of 5 Ruben grew up in a big family. He was first introduced to turn tables at the young tender age of 12 yrs. old by his neighbor Mike "Dj Cooley" who was an astonished hip-hop dj in the late 80's early 90's. Ruben ventured off into the realm of hip-hop where he first learned to do everything from scratching to transforming. Cooley noticed Ruben's natural ability to work the decks and eventually sold his turntables to Ruben to start off his dj career. Close to six months after, Ruben then was turned on to the the rave scene by older brother Raul. Eventually Ruben found himself at a dirty L.A. underground thrown by cousin Carlos in late 1992 called Red World. Where Ruben found his love, the underground. Still the young age of 12, Ruben saught after these new electronic sounds. Searching record store after record store looking for these electronic beats. His mixing style is impecable. Clean mixing, solid programming and an ear for the music! He first introduced his now then "new sound" at his own "backyard party". Where he attracted more then 300 people to his home in South Gate. This was the start of something special for him. This was the beginning of his dj career. Playing at local parties, and clubs Ruben graced the decks for 3 years before breaking into the underground. In 1995 Ruben started what turns out to be one of L.A.'s true underground parties Sacred Grounds with brother Raul, and cousin Carlos (a family affair, right?). This would be Ruben's introductory party into the underground scene. Playing along side of L.A.'s most saught out dj's during that time Fabian, Taylor, Eli-Star and Brownie to name a few. This was a big success for Ruben because some of the party goers that were there were innovators themselves who noticed Ruben's unique talent and sound. This also would turn out to be one of L.A.'s longest running "underground parties" still going strong! Shortly after Ruben fathered his first child at the age of 15 (young we know, but took care of business at the same time as having fun). Ruben laid low for a couple of years never really stepping into the lime light. During this time he continued producing shows and djing at them. His next big venture was to be in 1997 at Red World 97' where he again played along side "big-name" dj's (Pierre, Steve Loria, Garth and Markie). Since then Ruben played at Chocolate Factory Los Angeles in 1998 with Joeski, Ryde, Sameer and Steve Loria, then starting another venture Friday Night Cookin' with guests Joeski, Sameer, Onionz, Doc Martin, and DJ Sneak through out 98-99. In 1999 Ruben married wife Michelle and now had 2 children with one on the way. Husband and father of 3, Ruben works hard to support his family, and still finds time to dj and produce shows. Recently Ruben played at yet another Sacred Grounds in summer 2000 with Julius Papp, Miguel 'Migs', and Marques Wyatt. This past February 2001 Ruben's dream finally came true. One of his most major influences Mark Farina came down for Sacred Grounds February 2001 with fellow San Fransisconian Miguel 'Migs'. This would turn out to be the high light of Ruben's dj career. Ruben now is in the process of putting together his first live mixed cd due out summer 2001. You can count on it being sick like always! For booking information and to send promo's please call the Sacred Grounds info line 323.960.7709. Peace, love and deep house music forever! Shout outs to: All the boys from SGP (Carlos J., Nino-Brown, Art-the-fart, Alex, and fellow residents Dj Lou, G-Dubb & Andy V.), mom & pop, all his brothers, sister Nicky, all cousins, friends far and near, Mark Farina, Miguel M., Julius, Marques, Pierre, Lil' Louie, Doc, Juan Nunez, Wicked Crew, Wax Boys, the SGP Compound, Alvero of Melodic, boys from Lillian lane, Markie, Steve Loria, Chocolate Factory heads in NY, Bubbamoonpie, Dj Cooley, and most of all his beautiful children lil' Ruben, Johnny, and Lauren. Thanks to brother Raul and cousin Carlos for always believing in him!


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