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Mark Sanchez




Mark Sanchez began DJ'in at the age of 13, being influenced by the Masters at Work early on with tracks like "I can't get no sleep" and "Follow Me" by Allyus. He soon realized that he did not want to listen to the music, but rather play it for the crowd. With age came diversity, Mark became to know Techno and such artists like Acen and Human Resource, his love for techno never died, to this day. As the years went by Mark expiremented in all styles of music ranging from drum and bass to hip hop to trance to breaks, but no matter what genre of music Mark expiremented with he would always venture back over to house music which was his first love and remains to be so. Now at the age of 20, Mark Sanchez has stayed devoted to house, following advice by some of the most influential people and DJ's in his life like Kerri Chandler, Theeo, Zack Hill, and all his loyal supporters. Mark Sanchez is definitely a name that will be recognized in the years to come, just a peak of his house set will make anyone a believer.


musical style:

deep house/trip hop/acid jazz



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