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DJ Basskick has always had a deep love for music. As far back as he can remember, he had always showed an interest in various styles of music and the foundations behind those various styles. At an early age, Basskick began studying classical piano which would help to further his knowledge and later prove to be very useful in developing his love for house music. In the mid 80's, Basskick discovered dance music and Old School Rap (Hip Hop), and as a "dancer" he had a very good sense of rhythm. In 1992, Basskick began going to Raves in the Los Angeles area. It is here where Basskick found his love for the underground and what was once called "Techno". After attending many Raves, Basskick began to feel a strong interest in DJ'ing. As the years progressed, Basskick would further develop his skills, while still going out to raves to dance and to hear what other DJs were doing. After mastering the Old School Techno sounds of the early 90's, Basskick's style began to progress to a more mature "House" sound. Basskick's "House" style can be described as a fusion of Jazz, Disco, and Funk that is all his own. Another thing that keeps Basskick on his toes, is his love for "True Hip Hop" and the art of Turntableism. His is constantly developing his Turntablist skills and is always trying to push the limits to further increase his skills on the tables. One more thing that keeps Basskick busy is his passion for Jazz and his study of "Jazz" piano. According to Basskick, "Jazz is life" and it has been the single most important inspiration in developing his innovative style. After releasing the highly successful mixtape "Disco Slam", Basskick is set to continue burning up dancefloors nationwide with the "Basskick" sound. Look out when he comes your way, you'll never be the same after the Basskick experience!


musical style:

Deep, Funky, Jazz Influenced House Music



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