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brandon anthony




Brandon started his career as a DJ in 1995 at age 14. He started off playing jungle records for himself, and making mix tapes for his cousin who got him into the scene. He continued playing jungle for a year and then decided to stop due to an unfortunate accident to his record collection. Rather than quitting DJ'ing all together, Brandon decided to start playing a genre of music that he had been listening to for a while, but didn't quite understand; house music. Brandon had began listening to DJ's like Doc Martin, Richard "Humpty" Vision, Tony Humphries, and Marques Wyatt, and used them as models to develope his technique and style. Later as Brandon progressed in skill, he was able to develope a style of his own that many people have noticed to be similar to DJ Mark Farina in the sense of creative layering ability and consistent music taste. Since he ventured to house music, Brandon has had the opportunity to play with talent such as Jesse Saunders, Lego, Mazi/Audio Soul Project, JT Donaldson, Richard "Humpty" Vision, and DJ Collette. Besides DJ'ing, he has contributed to the music itself as an audio engineer for the last 5 years. His influences in music aside from DJ'ing include artists such as The Beatles, Chicago, Michael Jackson, Jazzy Jeff, Herbie Hancock, Johnny Blas, and Jill Scott. Now, Brandon is currently working as the owner of Poetry In Motion Recordings. In PIM Recordings, Brandon aims to combine his music writing and engineering ability with his passion and appreciation for the arts as to extend the aestitic experience for music listeners around the world. In using art, creative writing, spoken word, and dance, in unison with quality music, his goal is to be able to appeal to a wider audience as to further spread the message his music illustrates.


musical style:

deep, chunky basslines with more layering and eq tweeking than the average dj



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