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With plans to target the growing Hip-Hop market, Deft, Spurt, and Yazoo, who call themselves THE TRAILS, have teamed up with rap artist Ice-T, to develop an image that will distinguish themselves from the rest. Through the lyrics of these three “urban intellects,” life experiences among the streets of Los Angeles are illustrated; yet do not portray the idealistic West Coast “gangsta rap.” The goal of THE TRAILS is to present the positive choices one can make while living among a fast environment. They plan to use their lyrics to reinforce positive alternatives to their growing audience. The group's image is clearly revealed in their self titled album Trails of Flowalistics; an album that proves why they are not to be confused with the West Coast stereotype.
The TRAILS have recorded a number of songs with unique flavor. Among these songs is an introductions by Ice-T and ready to be hits such as “Lyrical Sherm”, (featuring XZIBIT), “Units”, (featuring Ras Kass), and “Ruler Overman.” THE TRAILS music is live and well, tearing up the West Coast underground scene with their song “Hip-Hop Classics”, which was previously rated # 1 on the DJ record poll.

Currently, THE TRAILS are best known for their engineering studio sessions for well known industry figures such as FunkDoobies, Tha Outlaws, Dogg Pound, Baka Boys and many more. Not to mentions their success in producing music for well established artists such as Ice-T, King Tee, and Brownstone. The group's brilliance in the music business has provided them with a solid foundation to introduce music of their own.

Having a stable recording home and experience in writing, producing, and engineering has given THE TRAILS a strong network for local exposure. With over 100 shows successful shows already performed and official support from well-known artist and producers, THE TRAILS are guaranteed to be HOT.


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