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Under the influence of music only the BodyRock DJs have gleaned a unique sound, having spent a combined 18 years clubbing/partying, sometimes five nights a week. Being record shop junkies, beat fanatics, and bodyrockin' dancers, the BodyRock DJs have been compelled to make people move. Notorious for arriving early and staying late they have grasped the concept of crowd control, in regards to DJing the right stuff at the right time. Disenchanted with out-of-town-big-name DJs the BodyRock DJs aspire to do more with their mixing. Returning to the tradition of motivating, inspiring, and travelling through their 2-hour set, they hope to accomplish what the record-producer-turned-DJ fails to do, connect with the crowd and move them.

A blend of funky house, breakbeats, hard house, and party jams, keeps the crowd anticipating. Whether it's a basement house party, a rave, or a giant club the BodyRock DJs prove time and again that people want to dance and vibe with the DJs. With an effort to stay in the mix as long as possible Benjamin and Marcus have created a layered and textured wall of sound that keeps the crowd on their toes. Without egos, pretentiousness, or carelessness the goal of the BodyRock DJs is to give their heart and souls into the mix, every mix. Having spent many nights carting around bassbins and turntables these two are used to hard work before, during, and after they play. DJs are musicians. No one wants to watch Metallica sit on stools while they play. The BodyRock DJs feel the same about DJs. One of their trademarks is sweating like crazy while throwing down. Integrity is key. Always BodyRockin'. All the way live.


musical style:

A blend of funky house, breakbeats, hard house, and party jams.



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