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Mr. Annand




Mr. Annand's debut appearance in the Los Angeles underground scene was for Planet 9 Productions ( in March 1997. By the end of that year, Mr. Annand had already been awarded a residency with Planet 9 in Los Angeles, and had landed his first out-of-town jobs in Hartford and Providence. In 1998 Mr. Annand became a regular at parties in Los Angeles, adding a residency with Tropical and making his debut with Moontribe, responsible for the famed monthly Full Moon Gatherings in the Mojave Desert.

In 1999 Mr. Annand became the newest Moontribe resident DJ (first to be added in three years), made his international debut in Quito, Ecuador, began playing regularly in San Francisco and Vancouver, Canada, and continued to DJ consistently in the L.A. Area. In 2000 his success continued to snowball as he made appearances in Detroit, Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, Kansas City, Phoenix, San Francisco, Vancouver, Victoria, and did a summer residency at club Rimel in Mexico City. But undoubtably the yearís highlight came at the Aca World Sound Festival in Acapulco, where he closed out the jazz stage with the sun rising over the Pacific Ocean. This year the third annual Tropical Tour took him throughout the U.S., then to Spain, Portugal, England, and Russia, arriving back just in time for the Eight-Year Anniversary of Moontribe and the fourth annual Moontribe Summer Tour.

Over the years, Mr. Annandís music has continually evolved towards its present range from house and tech-house to tribal and (occasionally) techno. His sets are not merely a group of tracks, but are artfully constructed to take the dance floor on a journey through time and space. Whatever the style being played on a given night, one is always treated to smooth and thoughtful programming, as well as meticulous mixing skill brought forth by a true perfectionist.

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musical style:

deep tribal techy dubby floaty bouncy house



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