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Since growing up in Orlando and moving to Los Angeles in 1997, Darwin has energized the underground dance scene by bringing his style of funky house music to the people. No matter the venue, geographical distance or weather conditions, Darwin is ready and able to get people dancing.

Darwin's club appearances have included The Hollywood Athletic Club, The Martini Lounge, Club Vesuvius, The Garage and many others. He accepted a weekly residency at The Lab during the summer of 2000 and currently has a residency at Soul Titanium. Darwin has also appeared on Riders of the Plastic Groove, TribeRadio, as well as Lifeform Radio.

Darwin's love for house music is evident in his live performances. He continues to be motivated by the crowd and strives to create an overwhelmingly positive and interactive experience for them.

If you would like a copy of Darwin's tape "rhythm" you can purchase it directly from, or for a copy of his newest mix CD "natural selection", you can e-mail him directly at!


musical style:

"Deep, funky house that keeps feet movin' and asses shakin'!"



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