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Rebecca K




Rebecca's beginnings in the electronic music scene start in the Midwest in the early 90's, as co-founder of Network 10 events. You may remember her, if you were fortunate enough to play or attend one of their parties or club events. They were frequently held in Madison & Milwaukee and attracted an amazing collection of DJ talent & Hip Hop artists. They say dancers make the best DJs and so it was, Rebecca took her own skills to the tables. Upon relocation to Los Angeles, after college, she finally had the guts and the focus to test her passion. She's graced the Los Angeles DJ scene at venues including Lava Lounge, Cafe des Artistes, and private events at some of the studios and house parties. Rebecca, decided to try a new music scene. There's a part of her that is still searching for the vibe of the underground she once found so pure- a place where people are there for the music, because they love music. Rebecca currently resides in New York City where she is trying to keep the energy alive. She's played at spaces in the city including 59 Canal, Guernica, Swim, and Orchard Bar. Of course, she makes surprise stops now and then, like Dragon Lounge in Milwaukee. Last summer made a guest appearance at San Francisco's long standing weekly party, Bionic, hosted every Sunday by Joshua (Iz) & Solar. Founder and Producer for Found In Sound Recordings, she is a busy woman. Much of her focus has shifted from DJing to doing vocals & freestyle spoken word and producing while maintaining other artistic and humanitarian interests. Thanks for your interest and positive thoughts! For Further Information Call 917.279.0580


musical style:

An eclectic mix of house, a touch of techno, soul, and that old Chicago spirit



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