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progressive trance

progressive house

From way back in the day when he used to author 4 track digital audio .MOD files on his IBM 286, to today - spinning a unique sinister style of Progressive House and Trance (which he dubs Trouse), Sumbry has been throwing down records in Southern California for over two years. Although he is relatively young as a DJ, don't let that fool you. An extensive background in music, Sumbry has played several instruments ranging from the trombone to the bass drum to the piano, and he even spent a couple of years in the USC Trojan Marching Band (Fight On!). All of this has helped shaped Sumbrys eerie style of music to what he delivers today.

Wanting to be more than just a DJ that plays his favorite tracks, Sumbry takes you on a journey of progression as he lays down track after track of this wicked style of Trouse that he has come to love. Not wanting to be defined by a particular genre either, Sumbry is frequently found mixing it up with Breaks, Tribal House, Deep House, Down-Tempo, and even a bit o' jungle.

"Other DJ's like to take you to a nice happy place, where everything is safe and uplifting. Me on the other hand, I like to take you to some place where you've never been, a place that scares you but is at the same time intriguing. A place where you are no longer in control, and are at my mercy. I'm a schemer, but in the end, you'll love me for it."


musical style:

Dark, driving, sinister, eerie, wicked, pumping straight and broken beats



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