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Anthony Kalomas, the founder of Romantek Records, has a passion and a vision. Since 1994, Anthony has been refining his craft of computer-music production and has written over 7 hours of electronic dance music. Under the name of Dionysus, he has been doing live performances at numerous underground events. Shifting away from his expertise in melodic trance and jungle/drum n' bass, Anthony has fallen in love with trancecore. What sets him apart from many artists is his deep understanding of both technology and music. Anthony studies Music, Science, & Technology at Stanford University. His major focuses on using computers, mathematics, and physics in relation to all aspects of music, such as Sound synthesis, Algorithmic composition, Studio recording, Music theory, Tonal analysis, Electronic music history, Tonal music history, Physics of sound, Psychoacoustics, Human computer interaction, and Programming. Equipped with years of experience and education, Anthony is prepared to carry out his vision of leveraging technology and music to create new experiences for listeners around the world. Dionysus is avaliable to be booked for a live set of original trancecore, tech-step drum n'bass, or trance.


musical style:

Trancecore/Freeform: serious trancey melodies at +170bpm



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