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Scott Findley




Scott Findley, a native of sunny California, hails from the vast cultural wasteland that is Los Angeles. Scott began his journey into the world of electronic music and culture in 1995 - when he was just a high school junior. Initially inspired by the sound of acid trance and breaks, which resonated throughout the Los Angeles underground during that time - Scott immediately took an interest in the process of creation, rather than the art of DJing. And so the fascination with gear - synthesizers, samplers, effects processors grew, manifesting itself in the sophomoric and laughably named “Robot Factory” project - a live trance/techno/breaks project formed with high school chum and musical co-conspirator Etienne Stehelin, aka Rithma.
As the years passed, Scott’s musical tastes evolved, and he begin to frequent the smaller, more underground events in Los Angeles, where he first heard and grew to appreciate genres which are still very neglected in Los Angeles, tech house and techno. Drawn to the pulsating otherworldly synth patterns and relentless throbbing beats, and increasingly weary of the endless drumrolls and uncreative 303 patterns of trance, Scott instantly fell in love, and began buying records and DJing local events, playing the finely-tuned robotic beats of the likes of Cari Lekebusch, Joel Mull, Adam Beyer, Theorem, Hoschi, LA’s own Kenneth Graham, John Tejada, Terry Lee Brown, etc.
Although concentrating mostly on Djing, Scott’s interest in production eventually took hold, and Scott began to get serious about producing electronic music, particularly that which merges the sweet soulful melodies of deep house with the cold, electronic nature of techno. With emphatic encouragement from his father, jazz trumpet player Bob Findley, Scott became determined to make a living as a music producer, taking courses in studio engineering, accumulating gear, and spending hours upon hours in his now very adequate home studio. At 21 years old, Scott is just getting started.

Scott Findley Discography
Rithma & Scott Findley - Liquified - Fiji 12" - US cat 007
Scott Findley - The Modern Dance EP - Infinite Jazz 12" - US cat 002
Scott Findley - deepinit EP - Nordictrax 12" - CAN cat 021


musical style:

percussive tech-house, with elements of funky and deep house



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