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Tim Johnston

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Ever since he can remember, Tim Johnston has always been lured to unconventional artists and the music they produce. The defining moment for Timís thrust into the world of electronic music came in 1990 when first seeing DJ Ray Velasquez perform at Club Krypton in Kansas City. Rayís passionate use of contrasting sub-genres into his track selection and mixing so inspired Tim, that he immediately dedicated himself to studying the history and culture of electronic dance music. Following an intense period of artistic experimentation, Tim quickly developed a unique style of his own. It wasnít long before Tim had locked in his first club residency at Mondo Disco in 1993. Timís infamous 4 to 5 hour sets led him to 11 other residencies between 1995 and 2001, including stints at Atlantis in St. Louis and Pure Lounge in Columbia, MO.

In 1995, Tim furthered his involvement in the scene by starting to sell vinyl. He sold records via a corner space inside a local skate shop named Bebop under the name Groove Selector. Tim felt it was vital to the development and future of the Kansas City dance music community to provide access to current and classic underground dance music. In 1997, Tim co-founded Impact Records with DJ Roland, and opened a small storefront location that catered to DJ's and music enthusiasts alike. He had a firsthand understanding of the local desire for more choice and diversity than was being offered at that time. Impact Records thus became Kansas Cityís first independent underground vinyl music source.

Timís vast experience and extensive knowledge for obscure and eclectic music has gained him widespread respect within the dance community. He has had the pleasure of playing alongside tremendous talent, such as: Doc Martin, Dubtribe, Moby, Mark Farina, Crystal Method, John Kelly, Terry Mullan, Julius Papp, King Britt, DJ Spinna, Heather, Kimball Collins and Rabbit in the Moon, just to name a few. He has recently played several gigs in the Los Angeles area, and is actively pursuing his long-term goal of releasing his own produced work. Tim currently resides in Denver, CO.

Check out Tim's collaboration with Zach Rieken from Los Angeles, THE BLUES HOUSE PROJECT, on radio as well as in the audio section. This concept pays tribute to the tremendous influence the Blues has had on the electronic music of today. Shoot Tim or Zach a message to let them know how you like it!



musical style:

Deep Grooves, Deep-n-Sexy foreplay for the dance floor!!



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