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Matthew's musical history dates back growing up in Flint, MI. where his dad would play him anything from the Beatles, the Stones, Bob Marley, Billy Joel, Motown and back. As he grew older, about 12 or 13, he began to broaden his musical horizon by listening to punk, English pop, and hip-hop. At 13 he played the trumpet, which taught him music theory and basic knowledge of how music works with harmony, melody, and rhythm. When he was about 14 he found a mix tape on the ground in his house (one of his brother's friends) and from then on his journey into electronic music began. At the age of 14 Matthew's biggest influences were Sonic Youth, Richie Hawtin, and the Chicago Acid House movement. At this time the album "Sheet One" by Plastikman was Matthew's most influential record. Matt says, "Sheet One opened the endless possibilities in music to me. There was expression of thought and art in Richie's music like nothing else that I was had listened to before this." Matthew's brother then began taking him to an all age club back in '94 called the Virtual Gallery. People like David Hollands, Claude Young, and many others played there. At the age of 15 he attended Richie's FUK tour, this was his first "Rave". The one thing Matthew remembers most about this party was watching Richie live and thinking, "This is what I want to do with my life." And here he is today.

Matthew has been playing records for about 4.5 years now. His musical tastes, as far as spinning, ranges from deep house, to hard techno, to ambient. Matthew describes his style as a cross between Richie Hawtin and George Benson. "I love all types of music, and try to incorporate all that have influenced me in my sets," says Matthew. The two most important things he believes a DJ should try to accomplish when they spin are to move the crowd, but at the same time educate them.

Matthew is associated with three promotional groups, SUBterror, Aliensquad, and intellifeforms. SUBterror (www.subterrorhq.com) is a group of DJ's, producers, and artists that have come together through their common ideas in politics', music, and expression. Their goal is to create, educate, and subvert. The group was started by Indianapolis based Shiva, Adam Jay (owner of Azure Records), and Matthew. Aliensquad (www.aliensquad.com) is a group of DJ's that focuses on throwing quality events with quality DJ's. Their goal is to bring the sounds of the scene to the world, and bring the sounds of the world to our scene. Aliensquad, besides Matthew, consist of Trevor Lamont, DJ Kell, Cosmic, Blueboy, Bruce Noe, and Lil' Cory. Together, Aliensquad has thrown some of the most memorable parties in Lexington Kentucky, including the very interment, Abduction series. Matthew's final association is intellifeforms, which was created by Robin Baker and Matthew with the purpose of incorporating other forms of expression within the scene. The two have brought in many mediums of expression other than music to their events such as, performance art, paintings, sculptures, and even graffiti. Not only musical acts but local and regional artists as well have been showcased at these events. Some of the artists and DJ's Matthew has brought to Lexington are, Johnny Fiasco, Onions, Feelgood, Joeski, Dieselboy, Kevin Yost, Traxx, Twilightsleep, Nigel Richards, Halo, Terrance Parker, James Christian, The East Coast Boogiemen, Samm-e, Rick Sierra, Derrick Plaslaiko, Troll, Nautigroove, Mellowman, Bob-a-Dob, and many more.

Matthew hosts a Friday night radio show from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. that is based out of Lexington, KY called "Through the Vibe." The station is the University of Kentucky's WRFL 88.1 and is one of the top 10 college radio stations in America! The show itself is about 9 years old and has been passed down by local DJ's and promoters in the Lexington area. Matthew brings his listeners a wide variety of electronic music by playing old classics, new tracks, and songs that have influenced electronic music, that today may not be considered a part of the genre. Local and regional DJs are featured on the show, which gives the listeners talent that they might not normally get to hear if they didn't travel outside of the Lexington scene. Matthew has hosted "Through the Vibe" for the past 3 years and within that time the show has gained a very strong local following.

As far as Matthew's purpose and future in music goes, he plans to grow, learn and create. Matthew is also currently working in the studio with Joel Hoper, a.k.a. J-Light, together the two have formed, Deep House Souldiers. Both producers have been working on a live p.a. with records soon to be released within the next year. Matthew's focus as a DJ is to express his soul, and to share with others how music affects him, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. His bookings range from 2-3 events a week and his talents have taken him all over the Midwest ranging from Michigan, Tennessee, Kansas, Ohio, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri and Pennsylvania. Matthew's biggest accomplishment as a DJ has been playing at clubs like Motor in Detroit and literally every city in the Midwest while still residing in Lexington, KY at the age of 21. His goal is to touch people through music the way music and others have touched him.


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