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Thank you for your interest in Flooressence-Records. We are enclosing this letter to let you know a bit more about each of the members of General Magnetic. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us at the information provided. Thank you for your time. General Magnetic Member/ Roster Sheet General Magnetic was born in Torrance California in 1995 with two musicians, a single Ensoniq sampler and a pair of Technique 1200’s. Since then it has expanded into a network of audio junkies operating out of various home studios throughout coastal California. Some members remain “work for hire” agents, which supply their input on a project-by-project basis, but at the foundation of this digital epidemic are three key scientists working on providing the cure. Matt Oksas/ CURSOR- Matt is the main beat creator and voice of General Magnetic, but by no means does he float the entire bill. He is part of a collaborative effort of innovative musicians and song writers bent on developing a new formula for sound. His versatile styles are primarily a fusion of the hip hop and punk rock, which he grew up listening to in the late eighties, but can not be defined nor limited to either. His progressive approach to music production and natural song writing abilities lend innumerable possibilities to the General Magnetic equation. Tim Schooley/ DJ MENU- Tim is the main producer, engineer and multimedia coordinator of General Magnetic. He grew up DJing local Southern Californian clubs and parties and in doing so gained a real appreciation for music structure and composition. After taking courses in the recording arts and music theory he formed his own creative compositions and began to build the sound libraries of General Magnetic. He also maintains the company URL,, expanding their growing Internet business and on-line marketing solutions. Ultimately, his well-rounded knowledge of technology, music and business equate to an invaluable link in this chain of producers. Aaron Sweet/ SWEET-1- Aaron is the uncut product of the Northern California experience. Shut off from pop-culture, he grew up unabated and distant from “the hype”. Upon migrating south to Santa Barbara he began stylize his untainted creativity and in time, friendships were made, thoughts became verses and freestyle sessions turned into studio time. General Magnetic has become his hope for influencing the minds of tomorrow, through the edgy medium of trip-hop music and his own unique lyrical ability. …contagious.


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