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DJGEYR grew up in Vienna, Austria, where two guys named Kruder & Dorfmeister were spinning regularly in a small bar every wednesday nite. No one was there. Well, he was. Having been a Depeche Mode fanatic since the age of 10, and being brought up by a world class violinist, his musical influences are widespread. YES, he did indulge in Falco remixes and did his Break Dance shows as well.

DJGEYR lived in Austria, Switzerland and currently resides in Santa Monica and you can hear bits and bytes of german and french in a lot of his selections. He currently spins exclusively in special sets for and for his private circle of groove seekers.

The sounds are on an eclectic side street but remain mostly on a dubby downtempo freeway...


musical style:

ambient, eclectic, electronic, dub, downtempo and lots of viennese groove



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